Growth is good, but…

Are you worried about Welland’s projected growth coming at too high a price?

This is especially important for those of us in Ward 4 given the significant growth expected here over the next decade with projects such as the residential developments at Seaway Mall and the massive Northern Reach project.

I really appreciate the small city atmosphere we have while at the same time we enjoy quick access to nature and essential services.

After spending 25 years in Mississauga, I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges which emerge when a city grows too quickly without sufficient attention paid to quality of life factors.

These challenges included the permanent loss of green space with resulting impacts to wildlife, excessive traffic congestion and increases in the delays for accessing key city services.

If this concerns you too, as a resident of ward 4 and a councilor, I can advocate on your behalf for the decisions made at council.

If you have any questions you can reach me via e-mail at:

Residential development shouldn’t be at the expense of our green space!
To address the housing crisis in the region, we need more of this…
but not if it comes at the cost of this.
(In case you were wondering, the first photo above is a generic construction site whereas the second is from a kayak ride I took on the Waterway near Woodlawn Road)
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